Beth Israel Synagogue is affiliated with Hebrew Synagogue and established in Scotland. Operated by Hebrew Synagogue, a Scottish company limited by guarantee and under the management of its Directors, Beth Israel Synagogue operates a small sanctuary that serves a tiny congregation of Jews.

Beth Israel Synagogue is welcoming Jewish Community, which exists to educate and as a tool for enriching and transforming people’s lives through prayer, learning and communal connection. Our members fulfil this mission through the time-honoured traditions of Jewish life:
Beit Tefillah

(a House of Prayer)

Beth Israel Synagogue provides traditional and accessible worship services to inspire a deeper relationship with G-D.
Beit Midrash

(House of Learning)

Beth Israel Synagogue offers formal and informal opportunities for Jewish learning for every age and background.
Beit Knesset

(House of Assembly)

Beth Israel Synagogue extends a welcome to all Jews and strives to create a caring, supportive Community. Our circle of concern embraces the Jewish people and the State of Israel.


Beth Israel Synagogue does not currently have a resident Rabbi but instead, we rely upon visiting Rabbis, who offer their advice and support. If you'd like to visit us please get in touch.

Our Faith

One G-D. One Torah. One Community.

Tikkun Olam (תיקון עולם‎, literally, 'repair of the world') a concept that dates back to the Mishnaic period (from approximately 10-220 CE), which encourages Jews to bear responsibility not only for their own moral, spiritual, and material welfare but also for the welfare of society at large. When all the people of the world abandon false gods and recognise G-D, the world will be perfected.

"You thought you were talking to yourself when really, you were speaking to G-D." -- Ram ben Ze'ev

Our Mission

Beth Israel Synagogue was born out of the inspiration of our Founder, Ram ben Ze'ev, a Sephardi Jew, who is the great, great-grandson of a victim of the Shoah. Our Synagogue is primarily a place of worship and a place of peaceful rest. We are an independent Jewish community that cares deeply about our members and their families.


Our Vision

Beth Israel Synagogue is affiliated with Hebrew Synagogue. We are Jews. We believe in One G-D. We call Him HaShem. We keep Shabbat. We pray at least three times each day and we recite the Shema every day (יום ולילה). We do our best to follow the Torah; we study and we speak to  G-D during our Hitbodedút (התבודדות).

Beth Israel Synagogue

Edinburgh, Scotland

Email: email@bethisrael.org.uk

Tel: 0730 814 5905

Fax: 0131 202 0620

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