Beth Israel Synagogue's Burial Society is responsible for all the activities surrounding the burial of our members. We organise, oversee and advise on the various processes that are required by both Jewish and Scottish law at this difficult time.


We are also responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of our burial grounds. We maintain a small cemetery on our property, adjacent to the Sanctuary, which is not open to the public,

but you may request permission to visit.

Beth Israel Synagogue's Burial Society is supported by our members and we have a strict 'no gratuities' policy. People who would like to donate are asked to do so through our charity boxes found in our cemetery or the Sanctuary itself. Alternatively, you may donate online. These monies will help the Burial Society raise much-needed funds for both the purchase of stones for graves and to assist in the maintenance of the property.

If you would like further information please contact us.

Beth Israel Synagogue

Edinburgh, Scotland

Email: email@bethisrael.org.uk

Tel: 0730 814 5905

Fax: 0131 202 0620

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